Greetings from the President

Since its founding in 1979, Daishin has always been a front-runner in the automation of parts handling. About a quarter of a century ago, we sowed our first seed, and ever since the seeds of our original technology have been growing to bear fruits one after another. In far-reaching domains of electronics and mechatronics, our contribution to FA evolution and innovations in production has been considerable. Today we are turning our own theories into forms, creating a stir in the industry of the world. DAISHIN parts feeder systems are now a trusted brand not only in Japan but also in the world market. Daishin's challenge is endless. Our passion for parts feeders are fine-tuned to the movements in the manufacturing industry of the world. Recently, Daishi has started its operation in the new head office & plant building. The state-of-the-art factory comes complete with an impressive array of cutting-edge equipment and high productive capacity. In this superb environment of production, we will keep proposing higher-level solutions to our customers. Parallel feeder systems are one of our latest arrivals, and we are developing and supplying a colorful variety of other parts handling equipment as well. Our superior technology keeps winning the confidence of our customers. Unremittingly, Daishin keeps searching for new horizons for parts handling and delivering attractive technologies and higher-performance products to its customers. And we have pride in our products, which carry the label of "Made in Japan," too. You can bet on the future of Daishin.
Akira Furuta, President

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