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Into a New Dimension of Technology!
Daishin getting ahead of Daishin

Integration is a never-ending trend for electronics and mechatronics products. The performance of parts feeders in oriented feeding of tiny chips, such as electronic parts or semiconductor parts, is a key to enhancing production efficiency and costperformance. In supplying a whole variety of parts handling systems for electronic devices,communication equipment, information equipment and AV equipment,Daishin draws on its enormous accumulation of superfine processing technology and sophisticated control technology. Daishin can help you maximize the capacity of your FA lines.
Through many years of R&D activities, Daishin has been evolving itself uniquely in its own way. Our approach to parts feeders is multifaceted. Reliability, speed and safety are among the important factors. Our products are therefore high-performance and original in the extreme.
Always ready to meet newly arising needs, we keep advancing, with pride as a leading manufacturer of parts feeders. Daishin keeps surpassing Daishin to make ever-critical contribution to the future of manufacturing.

At theLeading Edre of the Industry
Solutions bearing fruits

Customer satisfaction is always a priority for Daishin. That is, what we offer is not simply our hardware. We analyze the needs shown to us; we tap into our sophisticated technology and creative imagination; and we propose the best possible parts handling system to our customer. To offer the best service to our customers, we use our totally coordinated system from design and development to trial manufacture and manufacture to installation and maintenance.
Please come to us with whatever wishes you have in parts feeding. Daishin, for instance, excels in the feeding of next-generation ultrasmall chips of, say, 0.4 mm L 0.2 mm size. Our total capacity is turning impossibilities into possibilities.Our new Head Office & Plant is an intelligent building. In it,communications such as exchanges of CAD/CAM data, are all done over a LAN using optical communication. All the development and design and production processes are speeded up to respond to our customer needs most promptly and efficiently.
Our constant challenge is to maximize merits for our customers by more than fully meeting their expectations.
"All our solutions must bear rich fruits" is Daishin's creed.

Creating Trusted Quality
Offering more reliable and higherperformance products

Establishing our brand trusted by our clientele through thorough-going pursuit of high quality. This is Daishin's quality policy. All our personnel are always mindful of "quality" and improvement toward "quality."
Therefore, what comes out of Daishin is all optimally customized products that best meet the needs of our customers. In other words, ours are not ready-made but tailormade.We never hesitate in pouring all our technological expertise into each unit of our products.
Quality does not simply mean reliable performance. Quality is excellent only when it enhances the potentials of a product and achieves a superior cost-performance.
It is our operation based on these ideals that have made the reliability of DAISHIN products widely reputed around the world today.
Daishin is creating high quality in all its processes from development to delivery.

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