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IMX Daishin Controller Series is a dedicated a new age digital inverter controller with back-field electromagnetic vibrator. All of function is not only succeed to IX series but also the size and weight became smaller and improvement.
  • Compared to previous models(IX-01), the volume ratio is 60% and the weight ratio is less than 50% deducted.
  • All of setting is easy to use by rotary encoder system.
  • All of wiring became external connector system include a power input so easy to wiring and set up.
  • For connector, special tool and spare pin are unnecessary by using tool-less type.
  • Increase the switch channel of external signal to 8ch. Possible to volume controlling by external 4-20mA.
  • Built-in the power source of 24V for valve. Equipped with multifunction timer so you can use various way to use it
  • Frequency automatic homing function will be equipped in the future.

IX Daishin Controller Series is a dedicated digital inverter controller with back-field electromagnetic vibrator. ALL didital control (microcomputer controlled) So with a feegback yet, you can always keep a supply of high precision. It is also easy to use controller with analog feel while combining the ease of digital control and track.
  • Yet with feedback, compared with about 88% volume ratio of previous models (compared with our IF-02A).
  • Compatible with high dimensional accuracy and ease of use through the integration of digital and analog.
  • By streamlining thoroughly realize low-cost.
  • Feedback is easily set one volume setting (patent pending).
  • People-friendly,incorporating a curved shape.

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