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Parts Feeders
  1. Adjustment,easy to maintain.
    Placement of a spring plate,and introduced its own way of mounting angles.Easily adjusted by greatly simplifying maintenance of the mechanical confiquration.
  2. Two. Durability and reliability achieved in higher dimensions.
    Vibration exercise is a very stable good adjustment transmission capacity,durability and reliability is a top-class talent.
  3. The work is widely supported at all.The models with a rich variety of alignment methods to accommodate a wide
  4. range of large components from small parts in general.
KF series Daishin Parts Feeders,250~350Hz is the only high-frequency vibrations to drive the body.In addition,KFL type height adjustment, XY is adjust the direction and with.Leaf spring, without the variation of the spring is manufactured to high precision machining by yieldsstable high-frequency vibrations. Are widely used as a general screening for microscopic work.

Daishin Parts Feeder HFseries, IX and use a series controller, the driving frequency at 110Hz~180Hz.Most suitable for small parts, especially work.

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