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Specialized in ultra-fine parts

One-of-a-kind technology that leads the world

Daishin’s technology began with parts feeders of precision watch parts in Nagano Prefecture where the precision industry has grown. Research and development of the parts feeder system that began with Daishin’s unique theory to blend electronics and mechatronics with the times, has evolved to Daishin’s original parts feeders specialized in ultra-fine parts, along with the advancement of high performance and compact electronic devices through the rise of digitization and IT technologies.

Having “always exceeding Daishin” as a goal, we will keep on refining one-of-a-kind technology and continuing to lead the world based on the persistent efforts and creative ideas.

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QUALITY FIRSTCommitment to Quality

Always aiming for the best without compromising

Excellent quality demonstrated in the factory automation (FA) line

Most of Daishin’s products are customized products according to customers’ needs. How to achieve the stable operation at a customer’s factory is a major point. However, achieving stable operation is not the only purpose. For Daishin, high quality means to increase the product’s potential, fully capture assembly line capabilities of the customers, and achieve excellent cost performance.

All employees always ask “what is quality” by themselves and always aim for the best. Because of our persistence to quality, we are pursuing high quality that exceeds the needs by covering the entire process by ourselves including concept, development, designing, manufacturing, and maintenance.

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MADE IN JAPANFrom Japan to the World - Commitment to MADE IN JAPAN

Hoping to deliver products that surprise the world

Japanese manufacturing that is made by people and nurtured by people

Manufacturing in Japan is the ground for boasting our trusted quality. Daishin’s origin is Nagano Prefecture, home of Japan’s precision instruments once said to be the Oriental Switzerland. The spirit of “manufacturing” born there was handed down from people to people in the company. Daishin has been working on labor-saving and streamlining by introducing 3D CAD and CAM from an early stage and promoting production incorporating machining centers and multiple lathes. At the same time, it is also focusing on the development of human resources.

The term “feed” of “parts feeder” has the meaning of sending or supplying, as well as “cultivating” and “nurturing.” Daishin’s manufacturing spirit includes cultivating wisdom, nurturing people, and contributing to society based on the skills of the predecessor. To be true Daishin, we will continue to stick to in-house production and continue to disseminate our products from Japan to the world.

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CHALLENGE BY TEAMChallenge as a team

Team power to make the impossible possible

The source of technology is “to try anyway”.

Daishin has an unbroken line of people who have been inheriting the spirit since the company’s founding. The technology developed together as a team has become a great force to accelerate downsizing of various products by providing parts feeders of ultra-fine chips specialized in electronic parts and semiconductor parts, and its excellent technology is now recognized by the world. Electronic parts of 0.25 mm in length and 0.15 mm in width, which are no longer visible with the naked eye, can be selected and supplied at ultra-high speeds of 5,000 or more per minute, by using new technologies such as tooling technology and piezo vibration technology.

The company’s slogan is “To try anyway.” Daishin is boasting one-of-a-kind technology which is based on the continuous challenging spirit.

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WITH CUSTOMERSTogether with Customers

Manufacturing beyond expectations

Daishin’s Technology that Continues to Walk Along with Customers

Daishin’s products are committed to customer satisfaction. We do not just deliver products. We provide total support, including needs analysis, making proposals for the best parts handling system based on advanced technologies and out-of-the-box ideas, manufacturing, and maintenance.

Daishin has a strong competitive edge in parts feeders that organize, deliver and supply ultra-fine parts. The evolution of the parts feeders is born from the process of responding to customers’ needs. Daishin’s pleasure is to make customers feel benefits and provide services beyond their expectations.

We promise that Daishin will continue to grow with customers.

From Shinshu to the world

A Sophisticated Parts Feeder will change the way you manufacture!

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