The purposes of the use of personal information held by the company are as follows.

Personal information concerning customers

Daishin Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company) will use personal information concerning customers for the following purposes in its business activities (e.g. providing various types of manufacturing, sales and services, providing various services using the Internet). The company will make efforts to appropriately protect personal information based on the company policy below.

Upon acquisition of personal information, the company clearly determines the purposes of acquisition within the scope of legitimate business and acquires and uses the information in a legal and fair manner under the consent of the individuals, to the extent necessary for achieving the purposes.

In order to prevent leakage, loss, falsification, and unauthorized access of personal information, the company establishes a system to manage personal information protection, notifies directors and employees personal information protection regulations, and makes efforts to adhere to them.

The company will not provide personal information to third parties without obtaining the prior consent of the person except for cases stipulated by laws and ordinances.

The company will take appropriate measures as soon as possible when it is requested by the person to disclose, correct, suspend the use, or delete retained personal information that is handled by the company.

The company will comply with the laws on personal information protection and other relevant laws and ordinances, and will endeavor to properly handle and protect personal information.

The company will review this policy as necessary and make continuous improvements.

1. Information provision via e-mail or postal mail

  • Provision of proposals concerning products and services handled by the company and other information (including sending of catalogs, etc.).
  • Provision of proposals concerning repair, support, maintenance of products handled by the company and other information.
  • Provision of information on events
  • Provision of information concerning questionnaire and monitoring

2.Shipment of products

  • Shipment of products, etc. that are purchased or applied

3.Customer services

  • Responses, confirmation and recording of inquiries and consultation
  • Responses, confirmation and recording of repair, support, and maintenance
  • Issuance of guarantee, online user registration

4.Operation of the company’s services that are applied and registered

  • Operation and provision of our services have been applied, registered and subscribed to
  • Response and management of the delivery date of products and services


  • Business negotiations, discussions and communications with customers
  • Reservation management and history management of observers of our facilities
  • Information provision to and communications with business partners
  • Operation of business entrusted by the business partners

Personal information concerning employment, recruitment activities, internship applicants, and retirees

  1. Information provision and communication with applicants for employment and recruitment activities (including internship)
  2. Other information concerning employment and recruitment activities
  3. Information provision and communications with retired employees

General Affairs Department, Daishin Co., LTD. Inquiries about personal information

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