IMX SeriesIMX-1 / IMX-2

Daishin Controller IMX Series is an inverter controller with a digital feedback function and specifically designed for use with the new-generation electromagnetic vibration body. The new IMX Controller inherits all of the desirable features from the former IX Series, and better still, it is compact in size, light in weight and upgraded significantly.

  • When compared with the conventional model(IX-01),40% is reduced in volume and 50% is reduced in weight.
  • All the necessary settings can be easily programmed using a rotary encoder.
  • Its power input line as well as all the wiring cables are equipped with an external connector for easy wiring and installation. Besides, the connectors can be coupled without the aid of any tools and requires no spare pins.
  • The number of switching channels is increased to 8 channels. Besides, volume controlling via an external 4-20mA is also possible.
  • 24V power source intended for the valve is embedded. Furthermore, a multifunction timer is installed and offers a wide range of uses.
  • Frequency automatic tracking function is soon-to-be-equipped.

Order form(example)

IMXModel name
1Control capacity
1:1A , 2:2A


01.Compact and lightweight

Size and volume are greatly reduced in contrast to the conventional series.

02.Simplified wiring

All the wiring cables are equipped with an external connector for easy transportation and installation.
They don’t require any tools and are easily coupled with connectors by simply stripping stranded wires.
For this merit, no specific tools and spare pins are necessary.

03.Feedback function is included as standard.

As feedback function is included as standard, highly accurate constant vibration control can be obtained by simply installing an extra-cost optional vibration sensor. The vibration sensor is ultra-compact and ultra-lightweight and can be installed very easily.

04.Multi-function Timer

There are 6 different types of timer modes and the timer offers a wide range of uses. 24V power source intended for the valve is embedded. For this, an external DC power source is not necessary.

IMX Peripheral Equipment – Block Diagram



General Specifications

Format Rated voltage Power frequency Ambient temperature Ambient humidity Withstand voltage Insulation resistance Cooling system
IMX-1 Auto Switching
50 / 60Hz 0~40℃ 10~90℃
(Note that no condensation is allowed.)
FG Input-Output,
DC500V, 1minute
FG Input-Output,
50MΩ or higher
Natural cooling

Performance Specifications / Output

Format Voltage Frequency Frequency stability Maximum allowable current Drive system Output stability
Setting method Setting range Setting resolution Setting method Setting range Setting resolution
IMX-1 Voltage setting using an encoder 0~100V /
0.1V Rotary encoder 45-400Hz 0.1Hz ±0.2% 1A PWM method ±1.0%
(Time feedback control)
IMX-2 45-400Hz 2A

Performance Specifications / Additional Features

Format Control System Run/Stop/Control Overflow Timer Valve Output Synchronizing Signal Soft Start / Stop
External input Sensor input Panel Operation
IMX-1 Microprocessor-based digital controlling I/O-signal-based Run/Stop Commercially available sensors are acceptable
(24V NPN)
RUN/Stop Key 6 different types of timer modes 24V power source is embedded
(It reacts according to the selected timer mode.)
Signal output in sync with operation
(open collector)
0~3.0 seconds
Format Indicator Protector Alarm Indicator Data Storage Speed control
7LED segments LED CH switching 4-20mA control
IMX-1 Voltage, frequency, alarm indication, parameter RUN,AIR,AUT,V,F Short-circuit protection, overcurrent protection Alarm codes indicating alarm conditions will appear in case of an abnormal condition. E2PROM Preset data can be selected via an external input
Voltage adjustment is available using a 4-20mA current loop.


SHC SeriesSHC-01

  1. Stepping Hoppers dedicated controller.
  2. Volve ON/OFF time of the sensor ON delay time can be adjusted.
  3. Photoelectric sensors can be connected directly to the market. Moreover, by Parts Feeder Controllers work with, you can only operate the hopper bowl while driving.
  4. AC power option, AC 100V-240V allows behavior.

Order form(example)

SHCBody style
(AC)Power Options
D:No , AC:(AC)



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