The company was established in 1979. It was born on the shore of Lake Suwa, which has grown with the precision machinery industry.

The company has been always reading the wave of the times and promoting the automation of parts handling. It is now receiving high acclaim not only in Japan, but also overseas as a one-of-a-kind company, boasting the world’s top market share in the field by specializing in parts feeders (automatic parts feeders) of fine parts, based on its super precision processing technology and advanced control technology cultivated in the spot where the company was founded.

Digitization is progressing all around the world, including smartphones that are owned by people across the world, cars with electric components, and a networked living environment. Many products are also downsized. Fine circuits are inevitably installed in these products, and they are filled with ultra-fine parts. By offering parts feeders that are used in the manufacturing process of such products, we are improving the work efficiency of customers, helping them achieve excellent cost performance, and contributing to mass production.

We have been cherishing high quality that is the basis of manufacturing and inquisitive mind towards technology. And above all, we have been treating talented workers who continue to have Daishin’s manufacturing spirit as our most valuable asset.

As Daishin known for its parts feeders specialized in ultra-fine parts used in a wide range of fields such as electronic devices, communication equipment and AV equipment, we will further enhance the technology and live up to the expectations with the higher performance products. With Daishin’s pride, “Made in JAPAN” in mind, we will continue to evolve into the new dimension of technology.

President Akira Furuta